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    Officers of the Cooper Car Club are as follows:

    Hon. President Richard Neale.

    Hon. Vice Presidents: Sir Jack Brabham,Sir Stirling Moss, Doug Nye, Roy Salvadori, Rod Tolhurst, David T. Cooper.

    Membership of the Cooper Car Club is approx. 160 worldwide. To become a member one needs only to have an interest in Cooper Cars, their use and preservation.

    Subscriptions are 18.00 (US $30), annually. Cars owned by members are Cooper Cars produced from 1947 thru 1968.

    Benefits of being a member includes Newsletters mailed to Members, access to our Database and the ability to communicate with owners of similar model Coopers.

    Our activities include race events on the coattails of major clubs V.S.C.C.A./S.V.R.A. etc in U.S.A., Europe & Australia- NZ for the John Cooper, Owen Maddock and Ken Tyrrell Trophies.